Red Velvet’s Wendy & Kwon Eunbi Are K-Pop’s Cutest New BFFs

We need more Wendy x Eunbi content STAT!

Up until recently, most fans had no idea that Red Velvet‘s Wendy and former IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi were friends—but that all changed when Eunbi guested on Wendy’s radio show, SBS‘s Wendy’s Youngstreet, just over a week ago. Let’s take a look at the friendship between the cutest new BFFs in K-Pop.

Much to fans’ shock on Youngstreet, Wendy and Eunbi revealed they became friends a while ago because they go to the same nail salon—Sinkkomkkom in Gangnam. Over the years, their nail artist has posted photos of both of them on Instagram, but most never realized the two stars had run into each other there. On the radio show, Wendy told listeners that one day, Eunbi sat beside her at the salon, and the pair ended up exchanging contact numbers.

Red Velvet’s Wendy (left) and Kwon Eunbi (right), photographed by their nail artist. | @nejingggg/Instagram

Since that moment, Wendy and Eunbi’s friendship has only become clearer, and we can’t get enough of it! When one viewer asked where the pair would go to meet outside of work, they revealed they’ve already made plans to bake together at Wendy’s house where she currently lives with her parents.

| @sbsyoungstreet/Instagram

Since leaving IZ*ONE, Eunbi also confessed that one of the cons of promoting solo is being in music show waiting rooms alone, facing endless boredom until it’s time to perform. Thankfully, even though she may not have her former members by her side, she has her BFF Wendy. On Youngstreet, Wendy promised to visit Eunbi’s waiting room the next day—and Wendy is always true to her word. As Red Velvet’s “Queendom” promotions overlapped with Eunbi’s “Door” stages, Wendy was able to pay a visit to her waiting room with all her favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors in tow.

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram

And the pair even treated fans to an adorable TikTok together trying out Eunbi’s #Door_Challenge. Eunbi later revealed that she practiced the “Queendom” choreography to record the #QueendomChallenge too, but Wendy sweetly told Eunbi there was no need to return the favor because she didn’t want to burden her.


#레드벨벳 #웬디 선배님과 함께 한 Door Challenge💃🏻🚪#Door_Challenge 🚪 #KWONEUNBI#Door #권은비 #Challenge #OPEN#도어 #은비 #오픈 #RedVelvet #WENDY

♬ Door – KWON EUN BI

If all that isn’t enough to convince you these two are besties, you only need to look at the Wendy sticker Eunbi proudly has displayed on her phone case.

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Here’s hoping we get plenty more content from these adorable BFFs in the future!

| @silver_rain.__/Instagram