This Is Why Red Velvet’s Wendy Lost All Her Weight

Despite Wendy‘s dramatic weight loss, it seems that the poor girl can’t catch a break from her manager in terms of what she eats.

On the pilot episode of Raid the Convenience Store, Red Velvet‘s manager was caught micromanaging Wendy’s food intake. Despite being one of the MCs for TvN’s newest foodie TV show, it appears that Wendy was a bit hesitant consuming the food on the show.

Wendy was seen slightly picking at her food and taking smaller bites than the rest of the members. When asked why she wasn’t eating like the rest of them, Wendy simply replied that she was used to it [eating only a little bit].

Not pleased by what he was hearing, Kangta encouraged her to eat more by stating, “it’s okay, just eat”. As one of SM Entertainment’s directors, Kangta’s words seemed to soothe Wendy as she took a big bite of her noodles.

Check out the scene around the 0:36 mark:


This is not the first time Wendy has been caught on camera being wary of her manager and what she eats. On Taeyeon‘s Daily Taeng9cam, Wendy and fellow member Seulgi were hanging out with Taeyeon and munching on some ice cream.

Wendy again looked anxious about consuming the food in front of her manager. Upon noticing this Taeyeon scolded the girl’s manager about breathing down their throats for what they eat, saying “Eating what they want for one day shouldn’t be a problem”. Seems like Wendy has some great seniors that are always looking out for her well being!

Source: Nate