Fans Feel Truly Blessed After Listening to Wendy’s New OST for “Touch Your Heart”

This song will be on repeat until the end of winter.

On February 22, Red Velvet‘s Wendy‘s new OST for the popular drama, Touch Your Heart was released on music sites.

The song is a pop ballad that features a free chorus containing an electric guitar and string melodies. With Wendy’s soft and unique vocals added on top, the OST completely draws you into the scenes of the drama.

Those involved in the production of the song stated, “The intro sounds and Wendy’s vocals really completed the song. We’re planning to draw out peculiar emotions from the listeners.

Those who listened to the song expressed their love for it with the word “blessed” being a common theme throughout.

In addition to the beautiful OST itself, it’s an OST of a very popular drama that’s currently airing, starring Yoon In Na and Lee Dong Wook.

Bless your ears with Wendy’s new OST in the link below:

Red Velvet

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