Red Velvet Wendy’s Killer Abs Are Sneaking Into Seulgi’s Spotlight

Red Velvet has more than one Queen of Abs.

Seulgi‘s rock-hard abs are legendary in K-Pop, but she isn’t the only Red Velvet member with a well-defined core: Wendy‘s abs are killer too!


On October 6, Red Velvet shared the stage with many other talented K-Pop artists at the 2018 Gangnam Festival. During the show, the Red Velvet members wore mix-and-matched plaid outfits to perform “Power Up”, “Bad Boy”, and “Red Flavor”.


Of all the members, only Seulgi…


…and Wendy wore ab-baring crop tops.


As always, Seulgi’s muscular mid-section was on point…


…but fans couldn’t get over Wendy’s abs either!


Like Seulgi, Wendy has always had a very toned core, but her black crop top made her abs especially noticeable during the performance.


As one ReVeluv said, Wendy’s abs have “no chill”!


It seems that Red Velvet has two reigning abs queens!


For more of Red Velvet’s abs-tastic 2018 Gangnam Festival performance, check out this clip.

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