Red Velvet’s Wendy Shares A Heart Fluttering Moment With Aespa’s Winter While Making “Stamp On It”

It was enough to make any fan ship them.

Despite being from the same company, the seven members of the K-Pop supergroup GOT the beatBoA, Girls’ Generations’ Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi, and aespa‘s Karina and Winter, were not close when they debuted in January 2022. It was only when they released their second single, “Stamp on It,” in January 2023 that the team began to feel more comfortable around each other.

GOT the beat | @girlsontop_sm/Instagram

Keeping in theme with their latest song and to help strengthen the group’s bond, the girls were asked to give another member a stamp every time that member stole their heart throughout the filming of their music video!

| Girls On Top/YouTube

The game led to many touching moments, including a heart-fluttering interaction between Wendy and Winter! The two were coming up with reasons to give each other stamps when Wendy made a sudden confession.

Red Velvet’s Wendy (left) and aespa’s Winter (right) | Girls On Top/YouTube

She said, “I put my shoulder around her for the first time today.” Winter couldn’t help but cover her face and giggle with happiness as Wendy continued, “I wanted to do it.

Reality quickly hit Wendy, and she also had to cover her face as she realized how cheesy she was being. Despite her shyness, Wendy then explained that she had wanted to put her shoulder around Winter for a while, but it took a lot of courage since she was an introvert.

Winter wholly related to her unnie (the word Korean girls use to refer to older women) since she was also introverted, but she welcomed the kinship.

Wendy finished her compliments by saying Winter’s short hair stole her heart, which gave her an excuse to give two stamps.

Their loving affection for one another is enough for any fan to ship them! Watch the full behind-the-scenes vlog below. Wendy recalls her heart-fluttering moment with Winter at the 10:02 mark.

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