Red Velvet’s Wendy Chatted up a Complete Stranger on Her Way to Work Thinking They Were a Staff of the Show

Her reaction to the mistake couldn’t have been more adorable.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy recently appeared as a guest on Olive’s Everyone’s Kitchen where she attempted to make spicy stir-fried chicken.

On this day, another guest of the show, comedian Yoo Min Sang arrived at the kitchen earlier than Wendy and chatted with the other members of the show.


That’s when they showed Wendy hurridly heading to the kitchen while holding slippers with one hand.

As she got closer to the set, she started to see staff members here and there, so she asked a woman, “Is it this way?

However, this woman just passed by without responding and caught Wendy off guard.

When Wendy realized that she was just a stranger walking past the set, she quickly turned her gaze away in embarrassment.

She then spotted a real staff member and asked them the same question, but this mistake was aired on the show which made many fans laugh and adore her at the same time.

Source: Dispatch

Red Velvet

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