Why Red Velvet’s Wendy Always Does This Weird But Hot AF Airport Pose

“She’s so hot for this.”

Red Velvet‘s Wendy has caught the attention of fans not only for her stunning looks and talent but also for a peculiar habit that has become a signature of sorts: her weird but hot AF pose at airport check-ins.

| @todayis_wendy/Instagram

This pose, characterized by Wendy placing her finger near her mouth with slightly parted lips, has been widely photographed and discussed by fans and has come to be one of those delightful quirks that ReVeluvs love to spot.

Why does Wendy adopt this pose so consistently? It turns out the reason is more practical than one might assume.

| @renehyunhyun/Twitter

Biometric verification, a security measure used at airports, involves scanning physical characteristics to confirm identities. For the system to work effectively, especially when scanning a finger, the finger must be neither too cold nor too dry. It appears that Wendy’s pose is her unique solution to warming up her finger, ensuring the biometric check-in proceeds without a hitch.

By placing her finger near her mouth, she’s able to add a bit of moisture and warmth, potentially improving the scanner’s ability to read her fingerprint.

While this might be a practical move, it doesn’t hurt that the pose comes across as effortlessly chic and a bit sultry, which has only added to its charm. The fansites have compiled more than a dozen photos of Wendy in this pose over the years, documenting its effectiveness for both the biometric system and her adoring audience.

| @renehyunhyun/Twitter

Moreover, the popularity of airport photos capturing idols in their off-duty moments has been a longstanding trend in K-Pop fan culture. These snapshots are treasured for their raw authenticity, showing idols in a more natural light, away from the stage and glamor. Wendy’s pose has become a part of this airport photo culture, and we may even see it be done by more idols in the future.

| @todayis_wendy/Instagram

Just recently, another Red Velvet member, Irene, made waves online with a photo of her at an airport check-in, with fans marveling at her visuals a decade after her debut. These moments serve as a testament to the enduring appeal of K-Pop idols, whose every move can spark conversations, trends, and even viral sensations.

It’s these small idiosyncrasies that endear idols to their fans, making them seem more human and relatable. Wendy’s airport ritual is a perfect example of this, a simple action transforming into a beloved trademark through the lens of fan love.

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