Red Velvet’s Wendy And Yeri Are The Most Relatable Driving Students

We all know the stress and relief all too well.

Red Velvet‘s YouTube channel recently started a new series called Our First Driver’s License, focusing on the members learning new skills while bringing their fans along for the journey. The first couple of episodes focused on Wendy and Yeri learning to drive!

Title card for Our First Driver’s License | Red Velvet/YouTube

In the latest episode, Wendy and Yeri gear up to finally take their practical driving test. Although they both had no problem with the written exam in the first episode, they knew it was very different from being behind the wheel. Funnily, they had polar opposite reactions on the actual test day.

Red Velvet’s Wendy and Yeri | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Wendy was a nervous wreck.

Meanwhile, Yeri was tense but excited and confident.

Some might assume that Wendy’s nerves would get the better of her, and Yeri would cruise to a passing score. Unfortunately, just like it sometimes happens in the lives of ordinary students, the student who kept saying they would fail ended up with a perfect score.

While sadly, the overzealous student failed.

It was a hard lesson for the youngest member, Yeri, but thankfully her patient Wendy unnie (Korean word girls use to address an older woman) was there to give her some tips! 3 days later, Yeri retook the test and (barely) passed!

It remains to be seen whether the series will continue with more activities and members, but hopefully, this isn’t the last episode of Our First!

Watch the full episode below.

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