Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals The Struggles She Faced At The Start Of Her Debut

“What am I supposed to do?”

Red Velvet‘s Yeri participated in an interview and pictorial with Arena Homme Plus. Yeri’s pictorial of course turned out beautiful and her interview revealed several personal aspects of her and her career. One element Yeri shared was the struggles she endured at the beginning of her debut.

As a celebrity, people will often make assumptions about them, and many times they are misunderstanding. In her interview, Yeri conveyed that she experienced a difficult time with people’s misjudgments. Despite going through several hardships, Yeri clarified she has learned to deal with it all now.

When I first debuted, I was really hurt by that. But now I’m okay. ‘This is me, what am I supposed to do?’ Is how my mind thinks about it now. If I’m not acting rudely, I’d like for people to understand that whenever I am not smiling, it’s just another one of my many sides. In the future, you will be seeing even more sides of me!

— Yeri

The interviewer then flipped the question around and asked whether she has had her own prejudice against someone based on rumors.

Q: In contrast, are there any times that you’ve had a prejudice against someone?

Rumors are constant. Someone said this, someone said that. I heard those kinds of things following debuting. Nobody likes being the topic of gossip. I don’t want to judge people based on rumors. Until I have experience with them myself, I wouldn’t treat them like that.

— Yeri

Though she shared her moments of struggle with being an idol, Yeri expressed how much she loves her fans! Yeri loves her fans so much that she calls her fans “Friends.”

Q: You call fans your friends right?

Having loved these people who are by my side, I have the thought that sharing love is somethings that’s very hard. But fans love me unconditionally. Would they like the other sides of me that don’t show on the air? When I thought this way, I gained strength to live diligently.

— Yeri

Source: Arena Homme Plus and Instagram

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