Red Velvet’s Yeri Got Her Hands On Seulgi’s Boobs During A Game… And Seulgi Screamed

Yeri didn’t mean to… or did she?

Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Seulgi are roommates, and frankly like family for having trained and debuted together in the K-Pop world. Even then, when Yeri got a bit too eager about a game and straight up grabbed Seulgi’s boobs, Seulgi panicked!

On Level Up Project, Red Velvet played games to win cash prizes. Yeri and Seulgi went against each other, in this “Palm Push” game where players push each other’s palms and whoever falls to the ground first loses.

After countless rounds of fouling out and getting tied, Yeri and Seulgi began the final round! Yeri made the first move, which Seulgi quickly avoided. Losing her balance, Yeri decided to push whatever she could so she would win!

Yeri’s hands landed on Seulgi’s chest. Seulgi was caught off guard and flopped like a surprised kitten.

Where are you putting your hands!

— Seulgi

Fans are calling this a classic case of Yeri’s“Nappeun Son (나쁜 손, naughty hands)”.

Yeri apologized for violating Seulgi, but couldn’t help cracking up about what just happened.

Oh (cracks up) I’m so sorry I touched you there…!

— Yeri

Seulgi won, but felt like she lost.

You hurt my feelings!

— Seulgi

Check out how blatantly Yeri boobed out Seulgi, at 4:03 of this adorable compilation of Red Velvet’s “Dumb and Dumber” duo.

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