Netizens Spot Red Velvet Yeri’s Hidden Tattoo

Eagle-eyed netizens found proof that Red Velvet’s Yeri has a tattoo and it’s hidden in a secretive place on her body!

Netizens have discovered yet another idol with a secretive hidden tattoo… Red Velvet‘s Yeri!


Although it’s hard to see, Yeri has a tiny tattoo on the inside of her middle finger.


Eagle-eyed netizens noticed the small mark in many of her photos.


So far it’s unclear what the tattoo says, but it’s pretty clear that she has one on her finger like other female idols

Suzy has a heart tattoo on the back of her ring finger.


One of Yeri’s best friends, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, also has one on her finger!

Taeyeon has the letter “F” on her finger. It is rumored to stand for “Fine.”


Fans are awaiting to find out what the hidden tattoo means to Yeri!


Source: Ilbe

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