ReVeluvs Have Been Trying To Choose Yeri’s Most Iconic Style, And It’s Not Been Easy

Is there anything she can’t pull off?

Red Velvet‘s Yeri has tried out a ton of different looks since she debuted and each of them have looked absolutely fantastic on her.


With their latest comeback providing even more jaw-dropping visuals from the maknae, ReVeluvs have been looking back on some of Yeri’s most iconic looks and trying to choose her best one yet.


And the choice has not been easy!


She’s worn her hair long…


As well as in a shorter bob.


She’s done pigtails…




And simple clipped looks.


Since each of those looks have been rocked so flawlessly by Yeri, fans thought maybe the choice would be easier if they just looked at color.


But Yeri’s tried out a whole bunch of different colors from red…


To a pretty pink.

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She’s gone blonde…


Been a brunette…


Shown off her gorgeous natural dark hair…


And even tested out some ombre styles.


She’s pulled off every single color with major flair making fans realize there’s no color that she couldn’t rock.


In fact, the more styles and colors ReVeluvs look at the harder the time they’ve been having!


Because no matter the look, Yeri’s visuals always glow!


So instead of choosing her most iconic style, fans have simply posted some of their favorite styles.


Who can blame them when Yeri makes it so hard by looking so good!

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