Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals Her Sources Of Inspiration When Writing Music

She slayed it. As always.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri graced fashion magazine, Marie Claire where she showed a new side of herself.

Marie Claire revealed some photos of Yeri for the magazine that were taken in Shoreditch, London. Yeri looked absolutely beautiful as always. She looked chic, cool, and mature in the different ensembles she wore, which she definitely slayed!

She rocked a simple casual outfit and made it look high fashion in a red and white stripped knit sweater paired with light washed denim jeans, and a matching red purse as an accessory! Her red lips also matched the red theme she was going for, making sure all details are perfect!

Yeri posed coolly for this one as well in her dress with lace detailing at the end, and all covered up in an elegant coat, and of course wearing sleek black boots as the cherry on top!

Her last outfit was a full on denim ensemble which she slayed. Her hair was slicked back, and again, the details of this outfit definitely made the look even stronger with the black belt and matching black boots! The studded yellow purse gives the whole look a pop of color and a touch of softness to the strong vibe of this outfit!

In the interview, she talked about being happy and proud of the things she has achieved in 2019, and revealed that in 2020, she wants to continue writing songs and tell stories through music.

I am writing songs diligently. I released my self composed song, “Dear Diary” last year. I felt that I have achieved my small goal. Looking back to 2019, I wrote my own songs, and featured on a lot of songs. I would like to praise myself with that. This year, I also want to write and release a lot of songs.

She also opens up about her sources of inspiration when writing songs, and admitted that she finds inspiration anywhere!

I think that rather than finding inspiration from big things, I tend to find it from things I see in my daily life. For example, I can use the bottle in front of me as inspiration to write a song. It’s more fun to create a song from objects that surround me.

Check out Yeri’s making film with Marie Claire in London:

Source: TV Report and Twitter

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