Something About Red Velvet Yeri’s Makeup Changed, Making Her Look More Mature Than Usual

Yeri looked more mature in the best way possible.

Red Velvet recently attended the 2019 Iseul Live Festival where they performed their hit songs such as “RBB” and “Power Up”.

Every single member of Red Velvet looked stunning in their own looks, but it was Yeri who really stood out due to her changed visuals.

In contrast to the light and innocent makeup Yeri is known for flaunting, she went for a bolder look on the evening of this event.

On top of that, Yeri also showed off voluptuously wavy hair, colored lenses, and bright lips that made her look like a mystical goddess.

Her new look was so mature and stunning that she almost had the vibe of Red Velvet’s oldest member, Irene.

Yeri might be the youngest member, but she proved that she’s capable of looking just as sexy as the rest of Red Velvet.

Check out some more photos of Yeri’s gorgeous new look below:

Source: Insight

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