Red Velvet’s Yeri Marks “Zimzalabim” Her Era With This Breathtaking Close-Up

Yeri got this.

Red Velvet‘s magical song “Zimzalabim” has been charming everyone with its catchy melody and chorus. And while the members all slay the funky fun concept, Yeri is really killing the outfits and glowing with so much beauty!


Yeri’s fan cams for the past “Zimzalabim” performances have been actively gaining views. Her stage presence is unbelievable, as she mesmerizingly stares into the camera while chanting “zimzalabim”.


All of her outfits have been working for her too. Yeri has rocked this fun, hot pink dress – all the while showing off her incredible abs. Look how she spins and twirls, making the fringes dance along too!


The music shows have also noticed how Yeri glows. This breathtaking ending pose, zoomed in on all of Yeri’s glorious face, made a million fans gasp for air!


Yeri’s brilliance and confidence is truly turning “Zimzalabim” into her era. But then again – it’s Yeri day everyday and all Red Velvet eras have long been her eras, so fans aren’t surprised Yeri is out there owning the stage once again!

Watch her groove it out in this eye-catching neon outfit:

Source: THEQOO

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