Here’s The One Movie That Never Fails To Make Red Velvet’s Yeri Cry No Matter How Many Times She Watches It

Yeri has great taste 🥺

Red Velvet‘s Yeri may be one of the most famous K-Pop idols, but she’s also just a simple girl with simple tastes. When she’s not charming everyone on variety shows, acting, performing in front of thousands of fans, or posting on her Instagram account with millions of followers, she’s chilling at home.

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One of her pastimes is watching movies. In an interview with Billboard, Yeri revealed that there’s one film that never fails to make her cry.

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It was none other than the Japanese romantic movie My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday.

The movie that makes me cry is My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday. I can’t even count how many times I watched this movie.

— Yeri

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday | Toho 

Released in 2016, it stars Sota Fukushi as Takatoshi Minamiyama, an art student who falls in love with Nana Komatsu‘s character, Emi Fukuju, at first sight. It is based on the novel “Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru” by Takafumi Nanatsuki.

The tragic story that surrounds Emi’s secret makes it so memorable. According to Yeri, she can never get over the movie no matter how many times she watches it.

Every time I watch it, it touches me really deeply as if I watched it for the first time.

— Yeri

It’s time to put it on our watch list! Yeri truly only has praise for My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday.

There are no words to express the emotions that this movie captures and the way it makes you feel.

— Yeri

| Toho

Check out the trailer below.

Source: Billboard

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