Red Velvet’s Yeri Proves Her Incredible Singing Ability with Covers of IU and Taeyeon

She went for a good old solo session at the karaoke room.

On January 6, Red Velvet released a footage of Yeri belting it out in a karaoke room with the caption, “Yerim’s solo karaoke.

In the footage, Yeri can be seen singing very seriously in a karaoke room by herself.

The songs she covered included Taeyeon‘s “Fine”, BMK‘s “Spring Flower”, BOL4‘s “Lonely”.

When the songs reached the high notes, Yeri hit them effortlessly and proved her incredible singing ability.

What really caught the attention of fans was how serious she looks while singing in a karaoke room by herself.

Fans commended her singing ability and voice with comments of praise:

“‘Lonely’ is hard to sing, but she sings it so well… So good…”

“Your voice is so nice, Unnie. When you sang Taeyeon’s ‘Fine’, I got goosebumps. You’re so good. You’re good at everything.”

Watch Yeri’s solo karaoke session below:

Source: Insight

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