Red Velvet’s Yeri Proves She’s Ready To Become A Professional Makeup YouTuber By Creating Her Perfect Spring Makeup Look While In The Car

Her simple tips make it look easy!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri filmed a special vlog for her birthday in which she spent her day off on a little getaway with her mom. But because it was a busy day, she had no time for anything else other than a quick two-step skincare routine before she had to leave home and prepare for the day ahead. She ended up doing her makeup in the car…and feeling like a total YouTube makeup pro while she was at it. After all, applying makeup in a moving car can be really difficult!

Plus, she gave some good tips for how to create her favorite simple ‘spring makeup look,’ starting with eyebrows. She explained that she usually only fills her eyebrows in very lightly, just to add a bit of color and texture to them while making sure to apply only in the sparse areas.

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

She then applied pink and coral shades to her eyelids and under her eyes using her fingers, saying that she often uses makeup for different purposes, such as using lip colors as blush.

At this point Yeri realized how she sounded and joked about how she sounds like a professional makeup YouTuber…

…but trying to apply her makeup in the car also made her reflect on how difficult it actually is, and therefore how impressive it is when makeup YouTubers make it seem so easy.

After curling her eyelashes (which is definitely the hardest part to do in a moving car), she applied her mascara, removing the lumpy parts with her fingers.

Then she added some blush to her cheeks and the top part of her eyelids…

…before topping everything off with more lip color for a perfect spring look!

Just like a professional makeup YouTuber, Yeri made applying makeup in the car look easy, proving that she could totally open her own makeup YouTube channel if she wanted to. Her makeup routine is fairly simple, and she kept things efficient by sticking to one or two shades and using her fingers to apply everything, making for one quick and easy look! We’re definitely ready for more gorgeous and easy looks from Yeri the pro.

You can view Yeri’s full makeup routine on the link below.

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