Red Velvet Yeri Reveals The Type Of Man She Wants

Yeri says looks don’t matter, but her two ideal type of men are…

Red Velvet‘s Yeri met actress Han Chae Young, who becomes her new older sister, on a new TV  program called Secret Unnie.


To break the ice and get to know each other better, Han Chae Young asked Yeri about her ideal type of men. Yeri answered, “I really don’t have a set type.”

“It’s kind of complicated because I have never had an ideal type.” — Yeri


Instead, Yeri explained the traits she would like her future boyfriend to have.

“I want him to be cautious and gentle. I also want him to have a great memory!” — Yeri


She also wanted her future boyfriend to have a lot in common with her.

“I don’t want a bad boy. I don’t want someone who is too sensitive either. I just want him to be kind of like me in a lot of ways.” — Yeri


After hearing Yeri’s requirements, Han Chae Young concluded Yeri wants everything good in a man!

“That’s like… everything though. So you want him to be perfect and handsome!” — Han Chae Young


Yeri argued, “I don’t need handsome though!”


In the process, she said the only male celebrity she has ever considered an ideal type is actor Jo In Sung. Han Chae Young pointed out that Jo In Sung is actually extremely good looking.


Yeri added if it can’t be Jo In Sung, then actor Gang Dong Won will do. Han Chae Young then burst into laughter at Yeri’s “no need to be handsome ideal type of men”, since she kept pointing out good looking actors.


So there you have it, folks. Yeri is looking for anyone who is pretty much perfect, but isn’t too handsome – like Jo In Sung or Gang Dong Won!


Watch Yeri and Han Chae Young develop this adorable sisterhood here:

Source: Dispatch