Red Velvet’s Yeri Was Shocked After Seeing How Different Her “Queen Archive” Video Was, And Here’s Why

The mystery has been solved!

After what seems like forever, fans of Red Velvet were finally treated to new content from the group following their recent comeback with the track “Queendom.” With its catchy lyrics, stunning video, showcasing the member’s talent, fans couldn’t get enough of the track.

Members of Red Velvet | @RVSmtown/ Twitter

In the lead-up to the comeback, each of the members released their own Queen’s Archive video, showcasing the member’s stunning visuals and setting the scene for the album. Although all of the members looked amazing, one, in particular, caught the attention of the members, and that was Yeri!

Red Velvet recently released a video called Queendom Restaurant, where the members had some fun making some food and chatting about everything and anything.

At the start of the video, the members discussed their recent comeback. Specifically, Yeri mentioned each of the member’s Archive videos and their experiences of filming them. In particular, she explained how people thought she was filming something different from the members.

Our archive videos came out. We took them all separately. People are wondering if no one told me the theme.

— Yeri

The members couldn’t help but laugh in agreement. Yeri was talking about the fact that, in the other member’s videos, they all look very serious and calm. On the other hand, Yeri looked all smiley and bright in her own video.

Yeri’s Archive Video | Red Velvet/ YouTube
The rest of the member’s Archive Video | Red Velvet/ YouTube

Even Wendy had to agree, pointing out just how different Yeri looked from the members in their video.

It’s because everyone looked so serious. But you looked so happy by yourself.

— Wendy

Seulgi even added that, as well as her emotions, Yeri was the only member who actually spoke in the video. Yeri then explained what actually happened during the filming and why her video was so different.

I thought everyone filmed it like a live show. But the director only made me say it. So, I was a bit surprised when I saw yours.

— Yeri

Of course, despite the differences, there is no denying that all the members looked absolutely flawless in their videos. Make sure to watch the entire episode below!

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