Red Velvet’s Yeri Makes A Special Request After Seeing TWICE’s Nayeon’s New Look

Yeri loved it so much she couldn’t let the look go to waste.

TWICE‘s Nayeon shared a set of photos showing off a new look to their Instagram that had Red Velvet‘s Yeri loving it.


Sporting short blonde hair with bangs, Nayeon finally shared the look from their “Feel Special” photoshoot.

She rocked the wig so well that Yeri commented on the photos with a special request.

Instead of simply wearing the look for a photoshoot, Yeri expressed her want for Nayeon to go all out and really wear the look.

Wow, Unnie. Hahahaha. Please show up with your hair like this.

Although the look originally made Yeri chuckle, maybe Nayeon will think about sporting the look for real. The hair really does suit her well.