Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals Why She Took A Trip To Hawaii, And It’s A Testament To Her Mature Mindset

She found both healing and growth in this trip.

Red Velvet‘s Yeri went to Hawaii for two weeks, but for her, this vacation held a lot more weight than normal holidays because of her mental state going into the holiday.

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In the spring, “Feel My Rhythm” promotions and other Red Velvet schedules were unfortunately canceled due to the members catching COVID.

No one was to blame for the situation, but because it felt like all their hard work had just disappeared into thin air, Yeri couldn’t help but feel disheartened and depressed.

It was very, how should I say this, empty? Everything felt useless and funny at the same time.


To give herself an escape from these heavy feelings, as well as a much-needed break after working non-stop for so long, Yeri decided to go somewhere far away from South Korea. Initially, she planned to go to New York City, where some of her close friends were, but when her dad jokingly asked if she wanted to go to Hawaii with him, she agreed. Her dad had long been wanting to go to Hawaii, and Yeri didn’t know when she would have the time to travel with her dad again.

Yeri had to change all her tickets and accommodations thanks to the sudden switch in plans, and while it was challenging, Yeri was grateful for the opportunity to grow. Throughout the trip, Yeri learned to be more responsible, taking care of her father and learning new travel tips. Now, she’s confident she’ll be fine even if she travels solo.

Yeri also expressed great love for her family and encouraged all her fans to spend as much time with their families as possible. Because she had debuted at such a young age and was always busy afterward, she spent her breaks on herself or with her friends. When she realized that her family hadn’t been her top priority, she made more conscious efforts to spend time with them, deepening her relationships with her parents, sister, and dog.

Thanks to her trip to Hawaii, Yeri could rest and clear her mind of any negativity. In exchange, she filled up the emptiness with her love for her family, creating precious memories and maturing as an individual and a daughter.

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