Red Velvet Yeri’s Recent Transformation Proves How Much She’s Grown Since Her Debut

Red Velvet’s Yeri attracted everyone’s attention when she cut her hair short for the first time since her debut.

On October 14, Yeri appeared on a TV program called KBS Special South Korea and Vietnam’s 25th Anniversary of Establishing Diplomatic Relations held in Ansan and showed her new short hairstyle.

She appeared on the program wearing a gorgeous red velvet top, perfect for Fall and had died her hair a beautiful chestnut brown.

She’s always had long hair since her debut, but her short hair has completely transformed her look into one that is more mature.

Yeri’s recent transformation has been a hot topic in the online community…

With fans commenting about how mature her new ‘do makes her look.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is currently working on their follow up album to The Red Summer, released July.