Red Velvet’s Choreographer Is So Beautiful She Could Be A Member

Check out Red Velvet’s gorgeous choreographer!

Ryu So Hee is one of Red Velvet’s choreographers, but she looks like she could be an idol herself.


In fact, she’s so beautiful that in a group picture, some people even mistaken her as a member of Red Velvet!


Her looks do not die out even next to the visual queen, Irene.


She’s worked with Red Velvet on songs like “Russian Roulette”.


And looks very close with the Red Velvet members in general.


She has even briefly appeared on We Got Married when she helped Joy and BTOB’s  Sungjae with their dance to “Marry Me”.


This clip of her dancing to Red Velvet’s “Oh Boy” proves how great of a dancer she is as well!


All in all, it looks like Red Velvet’s choreographer has been gifted with gorgeous looks and extreme talent!

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