Red Velvet’s “Beauty Party” Photos Are Making Fans’ Jaws Drop

Red Velvet has done it again, but this time, even better, according to Korean netizens.

Korean netizens are taken aback by just how beautiful Red Velvet‘s members are in their latest teasers, calling them a “beauty party”.


Individual teasers for the girls’ comeback track “Power Up” were released, showing the members’ ability to completely transform with their concepts.


While Red Velvet’s beauty isn’t unknown, Korean netizens are calling these teasers some of their most beautiful yet.


They’re especially enamoured with Joy‘s images, which show off her unique features…


And her killer body.

  • “Is Joy’s body for real?”
  • “Not really digging Joy’s yellow dress, but Red Velvet is pretty.”
  • “Joy’s bodyㅠㅜㅜㅠ F*cking pretty.”


And Wendy is being called the “teaser master”!

  • “Wendy is seriously the teaser master ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “Wendy is f*cking pretty, she’s the one who suits Red Velvet concepts the most.”
  • “Wendy is so pretty.”
  • “Wendy looks amazing, I love her hair it suits her so well”
  • “Wendy is the concept master.”


Fans think the concept suits Wendy, and are loving her new hair cut.

  • “Wendy looks like Taylor Swift here.”
  • “Finally they give Wendy a cut that suits her.”
  • “Finally they gave Wendy justice! Her teaser is the prettiest imo. I’m in shock.”


But netizens are blown away by all the members’s beauty, and many think they just keep getting prettier and prettier.

  • “Everyone is crazy, why are they so pretty? They’re all pretty”
  • “Seriously prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ They just keep on getting prettier.”


The teasers are being called a “pretty party” because all the members are uniquely beautiful in their own way and really seem to match their colors.

  • “I feels like I’ve seen something similar from Red Velvet before.”
  • “It’s indeed a beauty party.”
  • “All the girls look so good! Seulgi really suits yellow. Irene looks like a goddess as usual. Joy is body goals once again. Wendy looks really freaking pretty her hair is gorgeous. Yeri looks pretty as well and her eyes look mesmerizing. I can’t wait for my girls to slay me.”


And Korean and international netizens alike are digging the concept, which seems to be scout girl-esque.

  • “The group photos are so beautiful too! I think they are going for a Girl Scout concept. Also SM Entertainment really outdid themselves with this concept. The interactive website was so interesting!!”
  • “The pictures are so refreshing, they match the concept very well.”


Netizens are also shocked at how similar Irene and Yeri look in the teasers.

  • “Yeri looks like a whole fucking snack.”
  • “Irene came out looking so much like Yeri, I wasn’t sure who it was in the 3rd picture.”
  • “I love Joy, but Yeri is a visual shock, so pretty wow.”
  • “Yeri starts to look like Irene I got kinda confused when I saw that teaser pic of hers with yellow background, I thought it was Irene!”


Fans can’t wait for their comeback on August 6th – but until then, check out their first “Summer Magic” recipe video, featuring Irene!

Source: The Qoo

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