Red Velvet’s Irene Has a Unique Habit with Her Eyebrows

Fans have noticed that Red Velvet‘s Irene tends to do this one thing with her eyebrows in situations where she feels shy.

Fans have discovered one unique thing Irene subconsciously does with her eyebrows, and they couldn’t help but appreciate how loveable it was.Whenever she becomes shy or flustered in a situation, Irene will raise her right eyebrow.

Sometimes even when she’s singing and making eye contact with the camera.

Other netizens found this habit absolutely fascinating and couldn’t believe they hadn’t realized it before coming across this post. Some also pointed out that Irene looked gorgeous no matter what she did, even if she had a unique habit such as this.

Check out these gifs of Irene and her adorable habit here!

Source: Dispatch