Red Velvet’s Irene and Joy drops jaws for Ceci Korea photoshoot

Both Irene and Joy channeled the casual school girl vibes in their latest photoshoot. 

The girls of Red Velvet looked stunning as they posed in casual clothing while modeling Jansport backpacks in the latest issue of Ceci. The pictorial seemed to be centered around the American school girl image, as the girls wore a variety of casual yet trendy-styled clothing that are quite popular amongst teenagers. Their clothes, paired with the backpacks, and their youthful visuals created the ideal school girl look.

With their chic visuals, the girls definitely gave off some serious “cool girl” vibes.
Joy looks like she’s ready to rock her day at school, though the sweater may not be dress code “appropriate”,
With such cold gazes, who would want to mess with these two?
Joy and Irene look like they’re ready for school.
No worries Irene, we all understand the struggle of not understanding the professor.