Red Velvet’s Irene Was Lazy And Introverted.. Until This Happened

She’s definitely a different person now.

ReVeluvs are familiar with how confident and stunning Irene is.

Did you know she used to be “lazy and introverted”?

In an interview for Grazia in 2018, Irene commented on her past as a “cold beauty”.

Irene for Grazia Korea (2018)

I think I got that nickname because I’m shy and because I’m not the talkative type. But compared to before, I got better.

— Irene

Irene also shared her thoughts on how she could improve as an idol, and her journey to becoming a “hard-working person”.

I was a lazy and introverted person, but one day I realized that I shouldn’t live like this. I thought that I shouldn’t just stay in the dorms doing nothing, because I was someone who was supposed to achieve and express things. I felt like I was going to never stop sinking. That’s how I started to work out, and I also promised myself to become a person who’s more suitable for her job, someone that listens and speaks well. I want to become someone who returns the fans’ love and help from other people well. I have to give the people who work hard for me a clear result, because that’s the right thing to do.

ReVeluvs would be familiar with Irene’s infamous GQ interview back in 2016, where she spoke about how nervous she was during her first solo interview.

I used to feel uneasy whenever I do something on my own. As time went by, I thought about what it means to express myself thoroughly. I thought about how to express this photoshoot. But I didn’t think I was lonely or restless because my members aren’t here with me.

Irene for GQ Korea (2016)

Now, Irene has definitely experienced positive growth that has shaped her outgoing and charming personality that all ReVeluvs enjoy today. The astonishing difference between these two interviews shows just how much Irene has changed.

Irene’s self-improvement and increased confidence over the years has definitely inspired ReVeluvs all around the world.

Her response for an interview for High Cut Magazine says it all.

High Cut Magazine: What are you into these days, Irene?

Irene: Me. I’m into myself. It’s fun to see how I change. A person can’t stay the same forever. When I see myself become closer and closer to what I wrote about myself in my memos, although I’ve liked myself before, I like myself even more.

High Cut Magazine: Do you have any goals for 2018, Irene?

Irene: I wish I could be a more diligent person. I want to become a better listener and a better speaker.

She’s defintely improved a lot from her 2016 self.

Source: Tumblr, GQ Korea and Naver

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