Red Velvet’s Irene Looks Like A Real Life Goddess In This Stunning White Dress

Did she descend from heaven?

At the Chanel Ink Library event held on September 24, Red Velvet‘s Irene stunned fans by showing up in an Ancient Greek-inspired dress.

The white dress was accented by gold geometric lines, contrasting well with her fair skin and dark hair.

She paired the look with semi-transparent stiletto heels that helped elongate her toned legs.

Irene’s charming smile, long hair, and pearl earrings added to her innocence and charm, not to mention the lovely hand heart she flashed to reporters.

Without a doubt, Irene looked like a goddess descended from heaven.

Other celebrities spotted in the event were actors Lee Dongwook, Shin Minah, and Choi Changmin.

Source: Insight

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