Red Velvet’s Irene Once Wrote A Letter To Wendy And There Wasn’t A Dry Eye In The House

The members all love each other very much!

Red Velvet share the warmest bond around!

Back in 2017, during Red Velvet’s Rookie album promotions, Wendy was the MC for tvN‘s Raid The Convenience Store. For the January 20 episode of that year, she appeared on the show alongside fellow members Irene, Joy and Yeri.

On the show, she talked about how she was always on a diet, remarking


Just watching my members eat always makes me feel satisfied.



With the light mood set around them, Irene decided to surprise Wendy by reading out a letter that the members had written for the production crew and fans, asking them to take care of Wendy.


In the letter, Irene begins by describing all of Wendy’s lovable traits, and asks everyone to look after her, because she has the purest and most beautiful heart.


Our Wendy is a bright kid with lots of laughs. Sometimes, she laughs without a clue, but she has a pure and very beautiful heart. So please take care of her.



She highlighted how kind and considerate Wendy is, and shared how she was worried about being an MC on the show because she wanted to do a good job.


She’s so considerate of those around her, like cooking whatever we want to have.



She has a lot of worries… We all thought she would do well on the show, but she couldn’t sleep last night, worrying about her first role as an MC on a variety show.


Irene then continued the letter by poking fun at Wendy’s talkativeness, saying that she hopes the crew and the fans will listen to her sometimes because talking is something that she likes to do.



She likes to babble a lot. We hope you will still pay attention to her, because she really likes to talk.


By the end of it, Wendy, her fellow hosts and the remaining Red Velvet members were all in tears because they could all feel the sincerity and love contained in the letter.



The members are known to be extremely savage with one another, and they drive each other crazy! But at the end of the day, they’ll always have each others’ backs because they love each other very much!


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