Red Velvet’s Irene Is Too Small For Wrestling Games…Watch Her Go Flying

Irene couldn’t win this game…but she tried anyway!

Irene is a woman of many talents, but wrestling…is not one of them.


At 1.58m (5’1″), this dainty goddess is one of Red Velvet‘s shortest members, and also one of the slimmest.


She has the waist of a Disney princess…


…and looks like a beautiful doll beside EXO‘s Sehun.


In fact, her clothes are so tiny that they have been mistaken for children’s wear!


In short, Irene doesn’t fit the wrestler mold, but her size didn’t stop her from going up against BESTie‘s U-Ji during an episode of Let’s Go! Dream Team.


At 1.68m (5’6″), U-Ji has 5 inches on Irene and is more solidly built.


The idols’ size difference was noticeable as soon as they stepped up onto the game’s platform.


Even so, Irene wasn’t going to give up without a fight! She ran at U-Ji with all her might…


…and got knocked off her feet!


Seulgi gasped from the sidelines when she saw her unnie go flying.


U-Ji checked on her opponent to make sure she hadn’t been hurt, but Irene was just fine. She laughed the whole thing off!


You can check out their whole match here.

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