Red Velvet’s Irene Wows Everyone With Blue Contacts

She got everyone breathless.

Currently, Red Velvet is promoting their latest title track “Umpah Umpah”. For their stage on Music Bank, Irene blew everyone away by sporting blue contacts with matching blue earrings. The lens color is hard to pull off and people can’t believe how effortlessly beautiful she looked.

With how gorgeous she looked, people are saying she could easily pass off as a Disney princess. Some even joked that there is no way she’s a mere mortal like the rest of us and she’s actually an angel is disguise.


People now wonder just how beautiful she’d look in other colors. Since Irene is already beautiful, she’ll definitely rock other looks.

I don’t know how not to love Bae Joo Hyun (Irene).

– Korean Netizen

Source: Instiz

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