Joy Met A Handsome Foreigner…And Her Reaction Was Priceless

She could barely keep it together.

During episode 4 of Level Up Project! 3, Red Velvet‘s Joy couldn’t keep her thoughts to herself when she encountered handsome men on the streets of Ljubljana.


Red Velvet’s Level Up Project! is a travel-reality show that chronicles the members adventures overseas. In each episode, the members are supposed complete fun games and challenges…but Joy kept getting distracted.


She couldn’t help noticing how handsome the men around her were. In fact, it was driving her crazy!


Everywhere Joy looked she saw attractive men…


…who reminded her of movie stars and models.


Joy barely kept it together when one particularly good-looking guy approached their group. She tried her best to show off her charms…


…while the other members laughed to themselves. They jokingly said Joy had fallen in love with him!


Well, Joy seems to be enjoying her trip so far!

Red Velvet