Red Velvet’s Joy And NCT’s Taeyong And Jaehyun Once Did A Collaboration Together As Trainees

They worked together on a particular project

Red Velvet and NCT were trainees at the same time, which means that they have been familiar with each other for a very long time.

Their natural chemistry was illustrated when Red Velvet made an appearance on “NCT’s Night Night” which used to be hosted by Jaehyun and Johnny.

The idols were comfortable with each other and even Irene was talkative, showing that she was fine with opening up in front of her labelmates.

But the most surprising tidbit was revealed when Joy revealed that her, Jaehyun and Taeyong once collaborated as trainees to create a song.

This is pretty unexpected, considering that S.M. Entertainment is well known for restricting their idols from songwriting or producing songs.

However, it seems that the three trainees were hungry for some creative expression and shared their talents for this production.

Jaehyun stated that they even wrote the lyrics and the melody.

However, when Johnny asked Joy whether there was a part she remembers, Joy was quick to avoid the question.

Ah, it’s too cringy, I can’t!

Unfortunately, the three idols appear to have blocked this experience out of their memory and have refused to talk about it.

When asked about what happened to the song, Jaehyun stated that he didn’t know what happened to the composition or recordings.

I wonder where that is now. It probably flew away

Although Joy and Jaehyun expressed their embarrassment with their self-composed song, Reveluvs and NCTzens have been eager to hear what they have made.

Hopefully, Red Velvet and NCT can practise and refine their songwriting and producing skills!