Red Velvet’s Joy Is The Perfect Mascot During Fan Sign Event

She got a lot of cheers from ReVeluvs for being so cute!

In footage from a September 1 fan sign event, Red Velvet‘s Joy was truly a reflection of her name. At the beginning of the video, she is shown happily chatting with a ReVeluv, looking absolutely radiant.

Before leaving, the fan presented Joy with a gift.

Joy appeared excited to receive the gift, which was a moving animal hat of Sanrio character Pompompurin, more commonly known as just Purin. She waved enthusiastically to the fan with a big smile to thank them for the wonderful present.

Fans in the crowd began cheering as Joy began to put the hat on, despite the fact that she was already wearing two headbands.

As she started playing with the hat, making Purin’s ears flap, fans let out a big cheer once again. It’s not difficult to understand why fans were so excited when you see how upbeat and cute she looked!

Joy’s positive and boundless energy, coupled with her animated smile make her the perfect mascot in her Purin hat. Sanrio executives, the ball is in your court. 😉

Red Velvet