Red Velvet’s Joy Revealed The 10 Steps You Need To Follow To Get Skin As Radiant As Hers Is

Try this daily routine to get glowing skin like Joy’s.

It would be hard for anyone to match Joy’s beauty, but you might come close to having a face as radiant as hers if you try her skincare routine. The Red Velvet star spilled her beauty routine in an interview with Allure, so you can try it for yourself.

Step 1: Wash your face

Joy starts off her skincare routine like most people—by cleansing her face. She uses an oil cleanser, which is great at breaking down the makeup and dirt her skin has accumulated over the day.

Step 2: Wash your face AGAIN

But Joy doesn’t just wash her face once. She uses the double cleansing method, following her oil cleanser with a water-based cleanser, which hydrates and smooths the skin. Joy prefers to use a cleansing foam for this step.

Step 3: Apply a mask

Many K-Pop idols use sheet masks to get their skin intensely hydrated, but Joy prefers using a cream mask. These masks usually soften, tone, and lift skin as well.

Step 4: Tone your skin

Next up, Joy uses a liquid toner to moisturize and refresh her skin. Toner also restores any pH imbalances caused by her cleanser and tightens her pores.

Step 5: Tone your skin AGAIN

Joy seems to be a fan of “double” skincare methods, because she also opts for double toning. After her liquid toner, she uses a foaming bubble toner. Many bubble toners have exfoliating compounds to buff away dead skin.

Step 6: Use an ampoule

After her skin is cleansed and toned, Joy moves on to specialty products targeted at her skin issues. The first is a moisturizing ampoule. Ampoules are like serums but in a higher concentration, and Joy prefers to use a moisturizing one.

Step 7: Treat your spots

It’s hard to believe that someone like Joy ever gets spots, but she does use a spot treatment every day to get rid of any blemishes and breakouts. Note that she only applies her spot treatment at night.

Step 8: Moisturize your face

The final step of her daytime skincare routine is to slather on a moisturizer to boost her skin’s hydration anymore. She opts for one with a non-sticky finish. At night, she adds two more steps to her routine after moisturizing.

Step 9: Protect your skin

The next step of Joy’s nighttime routine is to apply a barrier cream. These creams form a protective layer of the skin which prevents any contaminants from irritating the face overnight.

Step 10: Apply a sleeping mask

Last but not least, Joy uses a sleeping mask before going to bed. Similar to cream masks, sleeping masks are massaged into the skin to soothe and hydrate it. They can be left on overnight so your skin looks radiant from the moment you wake up.

Source: Allure

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