Red Velvet’s “Red” and “Velvet” Sides Might Finally Come Together In “Zimzalabim”

This may be their most dynamic music video yet.

Red Velvet is gearing up for the release of their mini album The Reve Festival and accompanying title music video “Zimzalabim,” and the teasers have caused some speculation that this’ll be a concept unlike any other we’ve seen from Red Velvet.

Yeri’s individual teaser for The Reve Festival

In the first teasers for the mini album, due June 19, we see a bright, summery, theme park image. The music is also cheery and upbeat, which is to be expected for a Red Velvet summer release.

The teaser for the title music video, “Zimzalabim”, however takes a slight turn. The scene is a little more haunting than the first; the bright and cheery theme park that was presented in the original teasers is now dark and creepy.

If you take a closer look at the teaser image as well, you can see that elements from previous Red Velvet releases such as “Really Bad Boy (RBB)” and “Rookie” have been incorporated into the scenery.

The werewolf head from “RBB”, the house from “Peek-A-Boo”, the wardrobe and creature from “Rookie” and more can be seen here

Having a spooky-themed release during the summer would also mark a first for the group. Red Velvet usually sticks to cheery “Red” releases during the summer and darker “Velvet” releases for the fall/winter, which leads to even more reason to believe this might be a concept-blending release.

Joy’s individual teaser for The Reve Festival

The wait for “Zimzalabim” is almost over and Reveluvs everywhere can’t wait to get their ticket for The Reve Festival! Although it’s not a real festival, we think everyone can agree that it should be.


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