Red Velvet’s Seulgi Nearly Died Of Embarrassment When This Old Video Resurfaced

Seulgi couldn’t bear to see her past self…and Sunmi was loving it!

During a pajama party on Secret UnnieRed Velvet‘s Seulgi and Sunmi revisited their cringe-worthy old music videos.


Sunmi was the first to suffer a blast from the past, when Seulgi chose Wonder Girls‘s 2007 video for “Irony”.


Sunmi strongly objected to seeing her debut video again…


…but Seulgi couldn’t be stopped!


As soon as 16-year-old Sunmi appeared on the screen, her present self shrieked and looked away!


Sunmi claimed that she’d never make it through the embarrassing experience if she didn’t have a can of liquid courage to help her out!


Every moment was pure torture for Sunmi, but soon she wouldn’t be the only one in agony.


The next video on the list was Red Velvet’s 2014 debut video for “Happiness”.


As soon as Seulgi saw the video’s opening shot, she screamed just as much as Sunmi had.


Sunmi clearly enjoyed turning the tables on her hoobae…


…and scooted closer to the television to get a better look.


Seulgi, on the other hand, just couldn’t bear to see her debut self again!


She became even shyer when the “Bad Boy” MV came on next.


She said that her face had undergone a lot of changes since then, but Sunmi tried to reassure her.


In the end, Seulgi danced her shyness away…


…then went back to embarrassing Sunmi with “Full Moon”!


You can witness more of their cringe-party here: