Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is Stealing Everyone’s Hearts With Her Enchanting Eye Smile

The epitome of sunshine.

On stage, people know Seulgi as Red Velvet‘s charismatic main dancer and lead vocal. Those who only have seen her performances might think she’s intense due to how fierce she is on stage.

But in reality, Selgui is quite the softy! With squishy cheeks and a smile that goes all the way to her eyes, people are falling for how adorable she is!

Her eyes turn into crescents when she smiles, making her smile contagious. Reveluvs agree that whenever Seulgi smiles, they have the urge to smile too!


Past footage shows that Seulgi has had her perfect smile ever since she was young, proving that she’s been a bundle of sunshine since the beginning.


One thing is for sure: Seulgi’s smile can energize anyone!

Source: Pann

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