Red Velvet’s Seulgi Stuns And Leaves Everyone Breathless At Gucci Store Launch

Drop dead gorgeous.

Recently, Gucci held an event for their store launch in Seoul. Many top stars were there for the launch, but one star who stole the spotlight is Red Velvet‘s own Seulgi!

Seulgi attended the event wearing a long gingham-esque coat with a long-sleeved white turtle neck underneath. Her neck is adorned with pearl necklaces and she matches the white turtle neck and necklace with a purse. She is also seen wearing a gingham skirt underneath.

Many have noted how hard it is to pull off such an intricate outfit, but Seulgi manages to do it effortlessly, looking cool and chic at the event. Reveluvs are falling for her gorgeous visuals, hoping that Seulgi models even more now. Gucci, need a new ambassador?

People agree that the more they see Seulgi, the prettier she gets. One thing is for sure: she is blooming and getting prettier everyday!


Source: Pann

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