Red Velvet’s Sweetheart Yeri Shocked Fans By Showing Up To Their Café Event With TWICE’s Nayeon

Imagine meeting your idol like this.

Red Velvet’s Yeri was sad she couldn’t hold a birthday party with her fans like she usually does. So, she showed up at an event ReVeluvs set up in her honor instead—and she bought TWICE’s Nayeon along for the ride!

In South Korea, it’s common for K-Pop fans to set up “cupholder events” to celebrate their idols’ birthdays. At a cupholder event, fans decorate a local café with images of their idol and give away cupholders, photocards, stickers, posters, and other cute gifts. Usually, only fans show up to these cafés—but Yeri decided to make her Only For Yeri birthday event by showing up in person!

Credit: @conserBAEtive on Twitter

During her birthday Instagram Live stream, Yeri hinted that she wanted to visit a cupholder event. However, fans didn’t expect her to actually show up given the current COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) threat.

Despite the risk, Yeri braved it out in a protective mask and showed up at the cupholder event on its last day to surprise fans.

Credit: @conserBAEtive on Twitter

According to fans in attendance, she made everyone take photos with her and chatted away to all the ReVeluvs who missed her. Red Velvet’s schedules have been hindered by both the COVID-19 threat and Wendy’s injuries, so fans haven’t seen the members much over the last month.

Credit: @boorimiese on Instagram

Even though Yeri was at an event dedicated to her, she was still shocked by the lengths her fans went to to make it an extra special all-Yeri affair. One ReVeluv reported that Yeri was surprised to hear her song playing, and kept asking, “Are these all my fans?”.

During her appearance, fans noticed that she kept worrying about her friend who didn’t want to come inside. But it wasn’t just any “friend”—it was none other than her close unnie, TWICE’s Nayeon.

Credit: @boorimiese on Instagram

Nayeon decided to stay outside while Yeri talked to fans, but one ReVeluv spotted her cutely taking videos of Yeri the whole time.

Afterwards, the main organizer of the cupholder event uploaded a sweet letter to say thank you for Yeri’s warmth.

Meanwhile, Yeri uploaded a snap from the café to Instagram.

And this wasn’t the first time Yeri has showed up at a fan event. She also surprised ReVeluvs at the cupholder café organized for Red Velvet’s fifth anniversary.

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