Red Velvet’s Wendy Finally Breaks 4-Month Silence & Talks With Fans About Her Recovery, Her Hair, And More

Wendy has been on hiatus since suffering a serious hip fracture in December 2019.

It’s been four months since Red Velvet’s Wendy suffered serious injuries at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon, and aside from one Instagram post, she hasn’t had any opportunities to communicate with fans since then. Now, in an online “Star Chatting” event, Wendy finally had the chance to talk about what she’s been up to over the past few months have been.

Fans were overjoyed when SM Entertainment announced that Wendy would be participating in an “Star Chatting” event with 300 lucky ReVeluvs. When the Lysn app text chat was held on April 23, Wendy thankfully seemed to be in great spirits and had plenty to share.

First and foremost, Wendy assured fans that no one needs to worry about how her recovery had been progressing. After staff at the SBS event on December 25 2019 failed to put adequate safety measures in place, Wendy fell from a platform over two meters high, incurring a severe pelvic fracture as well as wrist and cheekbone injuries. She was hospitalised for over two months, but has been in outpatient treatment since her discharge in February.

I’m doing well~ I’m recovering well, too.

— Wendy

Wendy revealed that she was able to celebrate her birthday on February 21 with her whole family, including her sister and parents. Plus, her sweet fellow Red Velvet members all contacted her at exactly midnight to wish her a happy birthday. Wendy’s family usually reside in Canada, but it appears her mother is still in South Korea, as Wendy sent fans photos of the snacks her mom had prepared.

Fans noticed Seulgi’s phone case in the background, suggesting Wendy’s fellow member was there supporting her through the Star Chatting event.

As for what else she’s been up to over the past few months, Wendy told fans she’s been watching dramas such as The King, and Modern Family on Netflix.

She also attempted making the famous dalgona coffee for her sister, though she said her sister didn’t actually drink it after all that hard work. ReVeluvs are all happy to hear that Wendy is able to eat and use her hands well. At a fansign for “Psycho”, the Red Velvet members had previously confessed that Wendy’s injuries were so severe, she wasn’t able to chew food. When the other members handwrote fans Lunar New Year greetings, Wendy was unable to participate, leading ReVeluvs to assume her wrist was still recovering.

Many ReVevlus had also been curious about Wendy’s hair. Last time fans saw her, she was sporting a short, blonde cut. Now, Wendy says her hair is in the “beggar zone”, a term usually used to refer to undesirable mid-length hair. She didn’t reveal whether she’s kept up the bleached look.

The Star Chatting event was only supposed to last 1 hour, but Wendy asked staff to extend the time by 10 minutes to make sure she got as much time to talk to fans as possible. In true Wendy fashion, she exchanged plenty of sweet messages to keep fans’ spirits up.

Let’s not get sick, stay healthy and happy, and love each other even more this year.

— Wendy

ReVeluvs are hoping Wendy will be able to return to singing in the near future. Until then, fans are making do with her voice acting role in Trolls World Tour. Wendy plays the K-Pop troll Wani in the English-language version of the movie, and the main character Poppy in the Korean-language version alongside SF9‘s Rowoon.

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