Red Velvet’s Wendy Gives Some Comforting Advice To Teenagers Going Through A Hard Time

They are words everyone should live by!

In a recent video with odg, Red Velvet‘s Wendy sat down with two teenagers and listened to their feelings about studies, appearance, and the future.

From the very beginning, Wendy realized that these girls were going through a lot in their lives. One of the girls, Jang Seo Won, explained how she is going through adolescence and often becomes frustrated at things, no matter how trivial they may be.

Another girl called Kim Na Hyeon told Wendy that she worries about how she looks and dresses. Wendy was there to give her some advice, even if she thought it made her sound like a know-it-all.

When you’re older, you’re going to think, ‘Ah, I looked better when I was young!’

— Red Velvet’s Wendy

The two girls then looked at their lives at school. It made Wendy very emotional as they spoke about the fact that they didn’t have anyone to talk to. Seo Won explained that she worried that if she tells someone, they would feel burdened.

Wendy made sure to emphasize that it is always better to talk to someone when you are struggling.

When things are hard, it is better to tell someone about it. If someone really cares about you and, if I were that person, I would thank you for telling me.

— Red Velvet’s Wendy

As the girls opened up to Wendy more, she seemed to relate to their problems, remembering what it was like as a teenager. It also made her feel more confident about giving the girls more invaluable advice.

I think it is better for you to think of yourself first. There are times when you have to think simply, even if it is easier said than done.

— Red Velvet’s Wendy

Each of the girls seemed to find some comfort in speaking to Wendy, and in return, she asked them to listen to her song, hoping that they could find some escapism in it.

After hearing the track, Wendy left the girls with some words of wisdom to hopefully help them in the next stage of their lives.

You’re doing fine. Don’t be too stressed. You don’t have to rush as well. The road you’re walking right now, you can walk through it.

— Red Velvet’s Wendy

Throughout this video, Wendy showed just how mature and caring by listening to the girls intently and giving them advice from her own experiences.

You can watch the whole video below.

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