Red Velvet’s Wendy Is The Most Gorgeous Lady You’ve Ever Seen In Latest Concert Goods

Drop-dead gorgeous.

Red Velvet recently released their concert good photos, following a “La Rogue” concept. There, Wendy stunned everyone with her upgraded visuals.

red velvet wendy red velvet wendy1

The idol is spotted with her hair done in a braided updo, sporting ruby earrings, and a pearl-and-ruby choker.

red velvet wendy3 red velvet wendy4

She is seen rocking an elegant yet simple red off-shoulder gown, making her look expensive yet simple at the same time. Who does it as Wendy does?

red velvet wendy2 red velvet wendy5

Many fans and netizens agree that Wendy suits this fancy, vibrant concept. As she gazes into the camera and strikes a pose, many believe that if ever Red Velvet would come back with this concept, she’d own that era!

red velvet wendy8

red velvet wendy9

Wendy is my style… She truly fits this concept.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo
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