Red Velvet’s Wendy is absolutely in love with BIG bags

Red Velvet‘s Wendy has an obsession with big bags, and fans have compiled photos to prove it.

A recent post on an online community portal shared several fan-taken photos of Red Velvet’s Wendy carrying around huge shoulder bags that look like they have a ton of stuff inside them.

The post was appropriately titled “the reason why Irene never carries around her own bag (feat. Wendy).jpg” as the netizen uploaded a few photos of Wendy carrying bags that were half her size and filled with numerous items.

One of the photos even showed Wendy carrying an enormous traveler’s bag that was twice the size of Joy’s in front of her, and netizens couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable and tiny Wendy looked next to it.

Some even commented that Wendy would be able to fit inside the bag herself, while others jokingly asked, “Is she emigrating to another country?”

Check out Wendy’s collection of oversized bags below!

Wendy’s oversized bag has enough space to carry both Irene’s and her stuff!
She looks like she’s about to head off to an excursion!
Wendy rummages around to find what she needs in her huge bag.
Seulgi’s bag looks tiny compared to Wendy’s.
Wendy’s tiny figure makes the bag look bigger than it already is.
Wendy’s traveler bag is big enough to fit two of her!

Source: Instiz