Red Velvet’s Wendy Just Revealed Her Dating Style On A Variety Show

She spoke openly about her dating style.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy is making a special appearance on MBC‘s “Love Me Actually”.

“Love Me Actually” is a reality show where male celebrities go on dates with female celebrities. Wendy is set to become the show’s first special MC.

When discussing the love lives of the cast members, Wendy shared about her own love life as well–or the lack of it!

Wendy shared that since she was a trainee since young, she didn’t have a chance to go on blind dates like the cast members. She’s actually envious of them!

The other MCs suggested that Wendy could join a show like “Love Me Actually” to find love, but Wendy was apprehensive.

What if they don’t like my real self, which is different from the glamorous version of me on TV?

— Wendy

Wendy then shared about her dating style.

When I give my heart to someone, I give them everything.

— Wendy

The host, Sung Si Kyung, replied with affection.

Whoever ends up winning Wendy’s heart, I hope that you have a great relationship.

— Sung Si Kyung

Wendy is due to appear on the next episode of “Love Me Actually”, airing on April 28, 9.05pm KST.

Source: Naver

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