Red Velvet’s Wendy Praised Filipino Band Ben&Ben — And Filipino Fans Broke The Internet In Response

Fans of both celebrities are requesting for a future collaboration.

It’s always a nice and heartwarming story when celebrities show support to other celebrities.

This is why it’s such a wholesome moment when Red Velvet‘s Wendy showed her support to Filipino band Ben&Ben after listening to one of their songs.

It all started when a fan interacted with Wendy via Lysn, an online platform that enables celebrities and their fans to communicate with each other.

After a while, Wendy posted her reply to the ReVeluv’s message:

OMG their voice is so beautiful! Oh my…….. Thank you for your beautiful recommendation 🙂

– Red Velvet’s Wendy’s praise for Ben&Ben

Ben&Ben subsequently retweeted the original poster’s tweet and thanked Wendy for taking the time out to listen to their beautiful music.

Fans of both celebrities couldn’t help but express their happiness all over Twitter.

Stan Red Velvet please! This is Wendy hehe

Unsurprisingly, fans of both celebrities also expressed their request for a future collaboration between the two groups.


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