Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals The Reason Behind Her Constant Dieting

On an episode of tvN’s Raid the Convenience Store, Wendy talks about her strict diet and eating habits with her fellow Red Velvet members.

Wendy is constantly dieting, so she rarely eats, even with her fellow members, on the show Yeri revealed that “I don’t think we’ve ever shared a full meal with Wendy.”

Instead, Wendy would offer food to everyone else. While the group appreciated her generosity, they wondered why Wendy was so strict about her diet. In reply to Yeri, Wendy explained:

“I satisfy myself by watching the members eat, I used to be fat and now I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m always worried that if I begin eating more, I will gain weight again.”

While the show’s focus is on finding creative ways to cook with convenience store food, Wendy continues to be strict with her dieting, only occasionally indulging in such unhealthy snacks.

On the first episode of the show, Wendy’s manager was caught micromanaging what Wendy was allowed to eat, but with the support of the co-hosts she was able to enjoy the delicious food.