Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals Seulgi Helped Her With Her Skills While They Were Trainees

Seulgi and Wendy have always been there for each other since Day 1

The members of Red Velvet are incredibly close and have been friends since they were trainees.

In addition, the girls are some of the most talented vocalists and dancers in K-Pop, which is a testament to their hard work and dedication as trainees.

However, being a trainee is definitely one of the hardest points of an idol’s life, especially for those who have not trained as long as everyone else.

This was how Wendy felt when she arrived in South Korea, after being casted by SM Entertainment in 2012.

While it was certainly daunting for her as a teenager to move from Canada back to South Korea all by herself, thankfully Wendy met Seulgi and the two clicked as soon as they met.

Their friendship still continues to this day as they are both members of the same group.

Wendy appeared alongside Seulgi in 2017 as the latter appeared on Idol Drama Operation Team. Seulgi revealed her diary that she wrote in 2013, when she was still part of SM Rookies and discussed how she had been a trainee for 7 years.

Wendy revealed in contrast that she didn’t train for as long a period. Consequently, she felt like she was under a lot of pressure to catch up in terms of skills.

That was hard for me. From the difference in practice, I saw the difference in skill.

However, Seulgi and the other trainees were more than happy to help.

Keeping up because my trainee period was so short. Even as it went on, you all helped me. You taught me things I didn’t know.

Wendy expressed her gratitude to seulgi for supporting and guiding her while they were still trainees, even when their debut was uncertain.

Without you guys helping, I might not still be here today.

It is impossible imagine Red Velvet without Wendy or any of the other members!

Seulgi however commended Wendy for her strength and commitment as a trainee.

Despite being disadvantaged in her training time, Seulgi notes that Wendy displayed tenacity and she never gave up, which was why she was able to become an idol.

It would have been tough if it was something else. But you were very eager from the start. So it was nice for me.

Indeed, thanks to the mutual support and encouragement between Seulgi and Wendy, both were able to debut as members of Red Velvet.

And both of them gained a lifelong friendship in the process.

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