Red Velvet’s Wendy And Seulgi Were Thoughtful Seniors For Taking Care Of NCTzens

They had to make sure everything was fine.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi were the representatives for their group during filming for the Idol Stars Athletics Championship, and they more than fulfilled their roles.

Once they spotted NCT‘s fans NCTzens among the audience, they knew exactly what to do. They asked the fans if they had eaten, which is a way of asking how someone is doing in Korean culture, taking the time to keep fans company and chat with them.

Since they’d also noticed the fans were still there, Wendy and Seulgi asked if NCT had finished filming yet. They weren’t just worried about how fans were doing; they were also worried about how long they had been waiting.

Since Red Velvet are NCT’s sunbaes, they took it upon themselves to speak with fans and make sure everything was fine. And, it wasn’t something they had to do. They did it because they cared.

Red Velvet